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You can rest assured that what ever we do for your company is done in a safe and profesional manner.

All work is done on site while you wait and you will not only be impressed with our work ethic but will find that we treat youre investment as if it was our own. 

                                     Manufacturer recommends PMs to be performed at 150 – 200 hours of operation 

Below service descriptions apply to both electric lifts and internal combustion engine equipment

 Standard Pm


Includes removal of panels, safety and operational checks, operational check of battery watering systems if equipped, Blow out components such as contactor panels motors, air filter and radiator with compressed air. Change engine oil and filter. Air filter to be replaced as needed. Lubricate all grease zerks, lift chains, mast rails, pivot points, and topping up all fluids.

Visual inspection of components and documentation of all needed repairs.

  Detailed Pm


Includes standard Pm procedures in addition to replacement of hydraulic and transmission oils and filters, testing and evaluation of battery, and discharge indicator, test cooling system operation, repack steer wheel bearings, capacity load test of hydraulic system, and removal of one standard wheel hub to inspect brake system wear.

(Gear reduction systems will be additional per customer request)

Suggested for new customers to get the best evaluation of equipment.

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